open access

Open access is available for printmakers who either have some previous experience or who have completed a workshop that is a minimum of two days in duration. This is to ensure that the equipment is used properly and safely and that printmakers are getting the most out of their sessions. 



  • Large etching press, bed size 71 x 124cm

  • Small etching press, bed size 46 x 92cm

  • Hotplates

  • Rosin aquatint box

  • Smoking easel

  • Ferric chloride for etching copper

  • Copper sulphide for etching zinc

  • Separate acid room

  • Soft and hard ground

  • Squashing boards / drying rack

  • Large and small rollers

  • Ink knives, spatulas and file


  • Three screenprinting vacuum tables, largest 178 x 305cm

  • Soft table tops for printing on fabric

  • Large exposure unit for photo silkscreens, cyanotypes and other alternative photographic processes, 238 x 177cm

  • Separate screen drying room

  • Separate wash room

  • Large drying rack

  • Light box, 100 x 135cm

  • Large sink unit with jet spray, width 200cm

  • Squeegees of various sizes up to 90cm

  • Coating troughs of various sizes

  • Screens available for short-term use

  • Photo emulsion/de-coater (pay as you go)


You simply buy the pass up front and then book each session online by logging into the Members area.

If it is your first time at the studio, we ask that you complete a compulsory one off induction where you will be given the login details, as well as a full overview of the facilities and equipment used in the print rooms. This normally takes place at the beginning of your first session and has an additional charge or £25.

To arrange this, please contact the studio at once you have purchased your pass.

Open access session passes are ideal for printers who have had some previous experience and are confident enough to print independently. If you have limited experience printing, we would recommend taking one of our workshops before purchasing a pass.

Monday to Sunday

  • 8am – 1pm, Morning Session (5 hours)

  • 1pm – 6pm, Afternoon Session (5 hours)

  • 6pm – 11pm, Evening session (5 hours)

10 sessions £180 to be used within 6 months from start date.
6 sessions £130 to be used within 3 months from start date.

We are very pleased to welcome Alice Irwin and Luke Wade to Bainbridge Print as our new (and first ever) print fellows! Alice will be in the studio on Tuesdays throughout the morning and afternoon offering technical support and advice, primarily in the screenprint rooms. Luke will largely be offering support in the intaglio and relief print room, joining us on Wednesdays throughout the morning and afternoon.

We also offer a day pass for those who require the use of print facilities to complete a short project. Please be aware a studio induction will be required and a booking and deposit must be made in advance. The cost for this is £55 per day. Please contact the studio directly to arrange this. 

10 Sessions


6 Sessions