Liz k miller


Liz's current work investigates repetitive motifs within music, and considers the seduction of repetitive patterns to the human condition, which thrives on cyclical, repetitive behaviour. The organic sequences, found in nature, are applied to the context of music to examine the draw of these two compelling and innate influences on the human psyche. 

She has invented an alternative musical scoring system, mapping it as circular rather than linear graphic score. Pitch is radius and time is circumference, and if a motif within the music repeats, the score must form a new concentric circle, thus mapping out a diagram that appears to have grown organically.

Not only are these music maps read and performed by musicians, but these images also create a new way of visualizing and interpreting music for those who are untrained in the traditional linear scoring system.
insta: @liz_k_miller
twitter: @liz_k_miller