Juliet Scott


Juliet Scott Lives and works in South East London.

She is Artist in Residence at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and Lead Curator of the TIHR Archive Project, a project in partnership with the Wellcome Library. Emergent findings, reflections and other articles are being documented on the project blog.  This opening up of the archive was celebrated along with 70 years of the Tavistock Institute with a festival that took place in October 2017 festival.tavinstitute.org

Juliet’s cross-disciplinary, curatorial role involves working between the visual arts and social science to create spaces for conversations around working with the arts and culture in the context of organisational life. She has developed a number of arts based interventions/installations as part of this work and in collaboration with other artists.  

She studied Fine Art at Newcastle University and has exhibited throughout the country in solo, group and themed and discipline based shows.  

twitter: @jujuliet_scott