photopolymer workshop
photopolymer workshop
photopolymer workshop


Tutor: Phrosy Andrews
Level: Beginner/refresher
Price: £90


Elephant & Castle:
Sunday 24 November, 10 - 4pm
Sunday 8 December, 10 - 4pm

Coming soon!

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Photopolymer plates are coated with a light-sensitive resin that hardens when exposed to UV light, similar to the emulsion that is used on screens when screenprinting. This process allows you to create intaglio plates both from exposed photograph positives and hand drawn images and print using an etching press.

On this one day workshop you will learn how to prepare both a hand drawn and a photographic positive with tru grain, expose the plate to transfer the image, process the plate to develop the image, further expose to harden the resin, prepare your paper, prepare a registration plate for printing, ink up the plate, proof your image and finally print a small edition of your own photopolymer prints.

You will be asked to send us a photograph which we will prepare and print onto acetate ahead of time. On the day, Phrosy will explain each stage of the process from start to finish, showing examples along the way. You will have the chance to try both a photographic image and a hand drawn image, leaving the workshop with all the prints you make on the day.

This is a great way to get familiar with this wonderful technique in a supportive environment that gives you time and room to play and develop your printing skills.

Phrosy Andrews is an established practicing artist and intaglio technician at Bainbridge Print Studios. See some of Phrosy's beautiful work here.