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etching workshop
etching workshop


Tutor: Phrosy Andrews
Level: Beginner
Price: £85

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Etching is an intaglio printmaking technique made traditionally using a metal plate onto which, over a number of stages, the artist’s design is drawn and etched permanently. Ink is applied to the plate and printed using an etching press.

This one-day workshop will provide a thorough introduction to some of the key skills required for Etching. You will learn how to degrease the plate, apply hard and soft ground to draw onto the plate, etch the plate, file edges, how to ink the plate and then finally how to print

Phrosy will explain and demonstrate both hard-ground and soft ground techniques showing the key characteristics of both, after which you will have the chance to choose which you prefer and produce your own plate and print your own edition.

This is a great way to get familiar with this wonderful technique in a supportive environment that gives you time and room to play and develop your etching skills.

Phrosy Andrews is an established practicing artist and intaglio technician at Bainbridge Print Studios. See some of Phrosy's beautiful work here.