Tutor: Helen Dixon
Level: Beginner/refresher
Price: £85

Next workshop: 
10 -4 pm

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan blue image when paper which is made light sensitive, is exposed to ultraviolet light.

On this one day workshop you will learn how to mix the chemicals, coat the paper and create your own low-fi ‘negative’ by drawing and marking onto tracing paper and later exposing to make your print. You will also have the opportunity to expose your own photographic negative to produce a photographic cyanotype print. You will have ample time and space to make work and experiment with the range of styles cyanotype printing allows and will leave with a handful of your own prints at the end of the session.

Helen will demonstrate each stage and be on hand to offer any advice and support needed.

Helen Dixon is a Bainbridge Print Studio artist and practicing fine artist predominantly working with cyanotype.